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"The planet known as Skathi provides an avenue to freedom of many kinds to a range of individuals whether it be in search of rare artifacts of value or historic importance, servicing time as an explorer for a crime committed or escaping justice for a worse sentence, or tracking down somebody looking to hide from the law. Every traveler that finds their way through Skathi’s electrically charged atmosphere has their own reason to end up planet-side. However, each would be settler have one experience in common, a discovery that life on Skathi will not be easy.

Seven other attempts to colonize Skathi were made previously, and each were lost for some unknown reason. The upper layer of the planet’s atmosphere has a unique composition preventing any electronics from functioning. Only once safely through can machinery start to function, assuming one of many other atmospheric anomalies don’t grace an area with their presence. Each colonization attempt had their own means of breaching the atmosphere, but each failed to make contact after landing on Skathi. It was not until the eighth attempt that a hardened space elevator managed to be built.

This is where you come in. For some reason you decided to descend upon this planet and somehow paid your way down that elevator to join the expedition crews that explore the surface of Skathi."


8th Sanctum is a Starfinder Campaign focusing on exploration and the exploits of the players rather than an overarching quest. Players will explore the surface of the planet Skathi by forming various expedition teams. These teams will generally consist of four to six players with a rotating cast each session. These sessions have no fixed dates and I hope to place the responsibility of scheduling sessions on the players, so long as I am available. This way, as long as people want to play, they can ask me if I can host on certain dates (so long as I am free) to prevent any one player's work schedule from preventing any play time.


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